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About Us

Real Formula, Real Results...

Beginning in 2008, the owner of Henny at the Half began betting professionally on sports with the use of a probability distribution formula he developed in college. This formula takes into consideration both teams' offensive and defensive efficiencies, recent statistical and betting trends, injury reports, player statistics, data specific to certain game scenarios, weather forecasts, and other critical stats. While it was still in its early stages at the time, he enjoyed significant success. He continued to revamp and improve the formula to better fit all sports and ventured into the sports handicapping industry. The reality is that instead of paying for picks, you are paying to utilize a proven formula to gain an edge over the books.

In late 2019, Henny at the Half expanded into the social media scene in order to garner more attention and awareness from prospective clients. Ever since, they have continued to revolutionize the world of sports handicapping with unparalleled picks and score predictions. Most other services aim to go on a few big runs with nonsensical unit allocation to induce consumers to sign up. Henny at the Half, on the other hand, mathematically analyzes every step to ensure long-term profits, and allocates daily corresponding units with the future in mind. They seldom go on prolonged droughts, but instead sustain a winning culture and consistency truly remarkable to be a part of. Henny at the Half is and will continue to remain the winningest and most data-driven sports advisory firm in the world.

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